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Fair Equal Rights Policy

In matters of hiring and outsourcing at Kapade, we consciously follow a fair equal rights policy. We partner with designers belonging to diverse communities and hailing from a variety of geographical regions. We create fair opportunities for dignified labour for the underprivileged and those on the fringes of society. Kapade takes a bold stance against racism, casteism, and all other forms of discrimination. 

Humane Campaigns & Content Creation

Kapade is an anti-racist, anti-casteist, human and animal-friendly inclusive business that works on the ethos of environmental sustainability, and dignity of life and labour. Each of our models is chosen after much interpersonal communication and healthy conversation. We make a concerted effort to ensure that our campaigns remain respectful of all body sizes, body shapes, skin tones, nationalities, age groups, and castes.

Photoshoots and video campaigns at Kapade are deliberately designed to be stress-free for our models and employees. The founder is ever-present and involved personally in campaign and content creation. She selects women with strong life-positive ideologies and inspiring life stories to bring our contemporary clothing to life.


Through our clothing and exotic textiles, we make handwoven art accessible in contemporary, wearable forms, while consistently challenging archaic notions of femininity, diversity, beauty, and strength.

Kapade is Vaneesha’s endeavour to make contemporary clothing and natural textiles more easily accessible to the world of fashion. 

At Kapade, we celebrate traditional crafts, weaves, and textiles. Our sources of inspiration are diverse and endless. Our organic, naturally dyed fabrics are comfortable to wear, use, and work with, and eco-friendly. We work with a team of passionate designers and are involved in creating our designs and patterns.


As a team, we infuse positive energy and creative thinking into everything we do. Our open-minded approach to design thinking gives due consideration to zen meditativeness, mindfulness, and global artistic appreciation.

We celebrate our diverse ethnic backgrounds and unique identities, and use our points of difference to our advantage, in order to work collaboratively and cohesively. We have a modern work environment where brainstorming and bringing different perspectives to the table is expected and appreciated.